Classic Boudoir Portraits

Originally based in Hampshire I have been shooting classic boudoir portraits almost since the style began in the UK sometime in the 1980s.

I have photographed women in their 70s (I’m too polite to ask their exact age), wheelchair users and people who mainstream media don’t see as glamorous.

If you are looking for something different from the heavily retouched movie star illusion produced by many studios – looking for something that expresses you as a person, expresses your sexuality and is produced exclusively for you but carries the artists stamp of individuality look at the pages below.

Want something a little more racy? Explore Boudoir, Fine Art Boudoir or Fetish Boudoir on Looking Through Glass.

Social distancing. Fortunately long lenses are more flattering which means your photographer can work from more than 2 meters away. Working outside or in a spacious, well ventilated, room is also advisable.

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