Window Light Portraits Guide – Part 1

Take Better Photographs

There is the most fantastic light for glamour and portrait photography available in your home every day of the year, unless you live north of the Arctic Circle. Light from a north facing window can be like a huge expensive soft box and it’s free.

Musa Jalil Tatar Poet and Resistance Fighter

Musa Calil (Jalil) Tatar Poet

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Despite being executed by the Nazis in 1944 as leader of an underground organization Musa Calil (pronounced Jalil in English) was posthumously convicted as a traitor. His literary achievements as a Tatar poet were largely forgotten and his bravery as a resistance fighter in the Great Patriotic War (World War II) unknown until the 1950s.

Illustrated Erotic Poetry White Goods

White Goods

Illustrated Poetry
Oh my stomach’s churning
Rather full you see. In fact stuffed.
Gurgle, glug, hiss
It makes the most embarrassing sounds.
It is of course her fault.
Fed me too much again. All sorts.
Just mixed together. No respect for my system.
She laughs and presses herself against me
as I vibrate across the kitchen,
trying to shake things loose
The kids, the dog, all tearing past
out into a filthy world.
As if I had nothing better to do than wash their clothes.
One day, with the kids away, she
and her husband
made love.
On me. The indignity of it
Shaking and giggling
then shrieking to the spin cycle.
And the smells. Sickly sweetness
spilt by the youngest.
Sickly sick
and god knows what the dog rolled in.
I don’t know how I’d cope
if it wasn’t for the white powder.
At least that offers some comfort.

Writing Articles (for photographers)

Combine Writing and Photography

Grab your readers attention

How many times have you sat in the dentists waiting room, opened a magazine, read the first paragraph of an article and flicked over to the next page? Now think about the times that first paragraph or the photograph illustrating it grabbed your attention and you carried on reading. That is the sort of article you want to write.